As part of any remote training process, the selection of an LMS (Learning Management System) involves strategy given that once a training system is in place, it is difficult to change it. Companies and institutions use an LMS to train their employees, be it synchronously or asynchronously. As an online training platform, an LMS makes the necessary tools available to both trainees to facilitate learning and their trainers. It allows those overseeing the training process to remotely manage content while also follow and guide the educational path their trainees are on. All training results are then recorded and a summary of the trainees’ progress can then be created.

Among the most relevant solutions currently available on the market today, Edu-Performance offers its Tactic! LMS platform. Many corporate clients have turned to this platform and we have collated some of their comments obtained via a recent survey.

It was discovered that diverse types of reasoning influenced their decision to select our Tactic! LMS platform which sets itself apart through several characteristics which are very much appreciated by our satisfied clients:

The platform’s responsiveness is a concrete example that was cited by many: “What is great about the support team at Tactic! LMS is how they are always ready to listen… and if ever I had them on the phone to discuss a problem I always got the help I wanted immediately.

Clients also stress the importance of proximity as an essential element offered by Tactic! LMS.  “The reason we opted to go with them is because of their proximity.”

Another client – a training consultant by trade – singled out the fact that Tactic! LMS offers great flexibility with regards to integration and the use of all sorts of training content, be it on-site, remote, etc… She went on to explain how: “This allowed us to divide up training programs or to regroup them by weaving them into evaluation modules in efforts to make my curriculum more dynamic.”

Its organizational chart generator marks another strength of the Tactic! LMS platform as per several clients. Many companies ended up selecting the platform for its ease in generating the structure of their organization and its ability to generating vast amounts of data as varied as it is horizontal or vertical. “Managing the training processes of a complex corporate structure like ours becomes child’s play with the help of Tactic!LMS,” revealed the training representative of a large canadian corporation.

Caroline Irrmann, web editor