The impact of online training on professional skills

E-learning has revolutionized the learning of professional skills by providing new opportunities for knowledge acquisition. This article explores the consequences and benefits of online training on the development of professional skills. We will [...]

Remote Areas and Training

In today's world, education is widely recognized as a key factor in individual and societal development. Unfortunately, many rural areas of the world continue to face significant challenges in accessing quality education. Fortunately, with the [...]

What is social anxiety?

Social anxiety, also called social phobia, is an intense and persistent fear of being judged or rejected by others in social or performance situations. People with social anxiety may experience severe anxiety or panic when they have to speak in [...]

Key skills to succeed in an era of automation

Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the world of work, and many jobs are likely to disappear in the coming years. This raises important questions about the future of employment and the skills needed to succeed in an automated world.

Turning crisis into opportunity

Our purchasing power has decreased significantly in recent years. Salaries are stagnating, the cost of living is increasing, and social and fiscal charges are weighing more and more on our budgets. Faced with this situation, many solutions exist [...]

How have Covid-19 and e-learning changed our habits?

The pandemic we are going through will have changed many of the habits that we took for granted. Among these habits, the way we work has definitely taken an unexpected turn with the explosion of telecommuting and distance learning, thus [...]

The new era of HTML5 for e-learning

After more than 25 years, the Flash plug-in was abandoned by web browsers on December 31, 2020, which represents a major challenge for hundreds of millions of e-learning courses that were only readable by this system. All these educational [...]

New forms of learning

The fast-paced and continuous needs of learning require the implementation of new formative approaches. By eliminating borders and reducing access costs, online learning has never been more important or more necessary. As we enter the New Year, [...]

Talent management : HR’s great challenge

In a job market undergoing a digital transformation, the arrival of a new generation of talent twice as likely to change employers than their elders creates the necessity for evolution, if not a revolution, of talent management. Human resource [...]


The learning machine—or automated learning—first emerged in the artificial intelligence sector in the second half of the 20th century. It has henceforth completely rethought the way we perceive automation and learning. The machine takes results, [...]