Montreal, December 19, 2014 – Edu-Performance Canada announces its legal separation from EgagementLabs on Friday.

Edu-Performance gained its independence by buying back its shares from EngagementLabs with whom the company had merged with in 2008 in exchange of 12.5% of company shares. During that time, the companies jointly worked on solutions integrating social media with online training programs which are now at the core new training solutions like social learning developed by Edu-Performance. The two original partners, André Goli and Sylvain Dufour have since assumed control of the company from a shareholder’s perspective are now the principal administrators.

This assuming of control has allowed Edu-Performance to launch a new business plan with new investment which will help accelerate the company’s growth and development.

About Tactic! LMS

Tactic! LMS is an evolving management and broadcast platform of the hybrid training type LMS/SGA developed by Edu-Performance Canada. It is made for high-performing organizations interested in creating a training environment that is intuitive and ergonomic and complete in terms of management tools. Robust and fully functional on PC or MAC, this platform is compatible with tablets and smart phones. It is built around the optimization of the managementof teaching, of a process of cost management in training and a generator of organizational hierarchy.

About Edu-PerformanceCanada

For over 25 years, Edu-Performance Canada has been a leader in the online training program sector. Among the products that make up their catalogue, which now totals over 1,000 interactive and multimedia training modules in a variety of languages, is an online training platform called Tactic! LMS and a development team for on-site, personal training courses for companies in need of it. Edu-Performance counts over several million users today.

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