Methods of protecting personal information
that deserve the trust of our clients
Methods of protecting personal information that deserve
the trust of our clients

Personal information protection methods that earned our client’s trust.

This document presents the policies related to the www.eduperformance.com website, managed by Edu-Performance Canada. These can be updated from time to time so please review them periodically. By using Edu-Performance Canada’s products and services, you agree without any reservation or qualification to be bound by this Policy. You will find the following information:

  1. Personal information
  2. Security
  3. Improper use of the site
  4. Copyrights
  5. Guarantees
  6. Liability limits

Take note that www.eduperformance.com might have links to other sites.It is possible that their policies differ from that of www.eduperformance.com.

1. Personal information

In some circumstances at the time of registration to a demo of the training campus or when purchasing a product, Edu-Perfomance Canada requires you to share your name, address, e-mail and more information. For instance, Edu-Performance Canada can ask you to share some essential information when you are making a purchase or a transaction on www.eduperformance.com. Furthermore, if you communicate with Edu-Performance Canada, it is possible that we hold on to this correspondence.

The www.eduperformance.com website offers its registered users the possibility to review the identifiable information contained in their user profile. To lookup your information, you must go on the campus on www.eduperformance.com. To modify the information found there, please communicate with the site’s administrators. The information gathered by Edu-Performance Canada is destined to an internal use only. They serve to process your order, to answer your questions and eventually to reach you. Edu-Performance Canada would like to inform you that it can forward or exchange information with its Edu-PerformanceEurope affiliate, but that its other partners have no access at all to your confidential information and that it does not market its user lists. If information is gathered and/or processed by any other company than Edu-PerformanceCanada or Edu-Performance Europe, you will be noticed.

You can refuse to receive information regarding updates and new products and services offered by eduperformance.com. You can indicate your refusal during the initial data gathering by following directives mentioned on the form. Also, any material sent by e-mail has simple directives at the bottom in order to stop receiving such messages.

2. Security 

The security measures we have set for www.eduperformance.com protect you against the loss of any user data you have shared with us, against any use for non-legitimate purposes and against their modification. Access to this data is protected at all time. Only the authorized employees that need to know your information to the purposes described in this policy have access to the information you agreed to share with us. Edu-Performance Canada has imposed strict instructions to employees with access to databases where the users’ personal information is archived or to servers which host its services. Edu-Performance is working to prevent the loss, the modification or the use of data for non-legitimate purposes. Any other information such as your credit card number shared during a transaction is encoded before it is transmitted. Edu-Performance Canada cannot be held responsible for the illegal use of your information outside of its reasonable control.

Therefore, you are responsible for the security of your identification number and password. Please take the necessary precaution to keep and use them. Edu-Performance Canada asks you not to reveal your password to anyone. When you leave your workstation,you must always close your browser’s session to keep from other having access to your personal information.

3. Improper use of the site

Edu-Performance Canada regularly controls the use of its site. Your username and your password are non-transferable. You must immediately advise www.eduperformance.com’s site administrator if your username and password are used by another person. Edu-Performance Canada reserves the right to delete a student file or to prevent access in the case of an excessive use. Non-authorized or fraudulent use of the campus constitutes a criminal offence.

4. Copyrights

All rights inherent to software developed by Edu-Performance Canada are reserved and protected by copyright laws and international conventions.

Any reproduction or distribution of its software, in part or in full is prohibited by law and can be brought before the courts. If you contravene these rules, you are guilty of counterfeiting and you expose yourself to criminal penalties. Furthermore, any improper use contrary to that stipulated in the licence given by Edu-Performance Canada could be subject to legal proceedings.

Training software and the trade names mentioned are themselves protected by copyright laws of their respective owners.

5. Guarantees

During a 90-day period following the date of the invoice, we will freely replace any defective media if you return it to your distributor in its original package, with a proof of purchase. All damage proving that media was not used according to normal usage conditions are excluded from the guarantee.

Even if your guarantee is expired, Edu-Performance Canada’s technical service will always strive to give you advice on the installation and use of its software. To access our online support service representatives who will always be happy to answer you, send your questions at any time to support@eduperformance.com.

6. Limits of liability

Edu-Performance Canada rejects all responsibility related to damages of any nature caused by the installation, the use or the uninstallation of its software. This limit of liability also applies to our distributors, to the extent that our software is marketed in a way that does not change the nature of the initial use that we authorize for the exploitation of our products.