Montreal, April 2022:  Edu-Performance Canada is pleased to announce that it has won a bid, which represents the renewal of a contract with an important Ministry of the Government of Canada, in the field of resource management.

This contract aims to enhance the organization’s capacity in resource management by leveraging Tactic LMS’s cutting-edge technologies for training and professional development. Through this collaboration, the organization in question will benefit from an integrated learning management platform, enabling both synchronous and asynchronous training, as well as effective monitoring and evaluation of learners’ progress.

This agreement, active since 2017 through its initiation in the first tender, reflects Edu-Performance’s strength in promoting excellence in resource management and supporting the continuous professional development of many learners.

About Tactic! LMS: Tactic! LMS is a 100% web-based, multilingual LMS/SGA platform, powerful and efficient in managing and delivering various types of training (hybrid, asynchronous, synchronous, face-to-face, tutoring, coaching, etc.), as well as establishing and managing skills. It is designed for high-performing organizations seeking an intuitive and comprehensive learning environment with extensive management tools. Mature, robust, and capable of integrating with the client’s other HR systems, this platform is responsive, compatible with tablets and smartphones. It revolves around learning planning and organization, training cost management tools, process optimization, approval flow, and resource coordination. Tactic! LMS operates using major internet browsers (Google, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge), compliant with accessibility standards (WCAG).

About Edu-Performance Canada: For over 30 years, Edu-Performance Canada has been involved in the web software publishing sector for training and asynchronous online training. Among its products, it includes a powerful and innovative learning and skills management platform called Tactic! LMS, including a team of seasoned experts for implementation and deployment, as well as a catalog of over 1000 multimedia and interactive training modules available in different languages. These two products enable organizations to manage and maximize human resource development. Edu-Performance Canada also offers custom course development, i.e., asynchronous training specifically developed to meet a client’s needs. Concerned about the protection of personal information, Edu-Performance Canada has been ISO 27001 certified for several years, and the company and its employees all have security ratings assigned by the Government of Canada. Edu-Performance Canada now allows its clients to develop the knowledge of thousands of learners.


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