Montréal, January 19th, 2021

A large majority of companies have been hit hard by the health crisis. As of September 2020, nearly 7% of businesses had gone bankrupt since the start of the pandemic.

While most of the remaining companies have recorded (for the most part) huge losses during this period, some others have been successful in taking advantage of a number of opportunities and opened up to e-commerce.

This is the case for LE DUPLEX’s chain of ready-to-wear stores, which contrary to the general trend in this sector, has opened its online boutique in order to continue selling, despite the closure of its physical storefronts. This investment has allowed them to save their business by continuing to sell online.

To achieve their goals, LE DUPLEX staff have been trained on the implementation, use and design of their online store with WordPress, as well as on community management for digital communication and the use of social networks, with the aim of increasing their brand awareness.

The development of online sales is reflected through great efforts in digital marketing, communication and management.

Edu-Performance can help you stand out among competitors, just like LE DUPLEX store has with exhaustive training in different areas:

  •         Office automation
  •         IT
  •         Management
  •         Marketing
  •         Language
  •         Health
  •         Cybersecurity

You too can develop your business during this difficult time by adapting your commercial strategy with Edu-Performance’s online training. 

Take advantage of the exceptional portability of our courses powered by Tactic! LMS on computers, tablets and smartphones, 24/7 and wherever you want!

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