Montreal, September 1st, 2020. Edu-Performance and Clic renew their partnership. 

Edu-Performance Canada has partnered with a highly professional partner for several years now for the portion of its services that includes tutoring for second language teaching.

This is the Center de Languages Internationales Charpentier (CLIC). Indeed, CLIC expands and improves our self-learning solutions and products as well as the services we offer to our clients who use our online second language training program by supplementing it with professional tutoring and training. support through virtual classes and other means of support for learning. This renewal of the agreement allows Edu-Performance to further expand its range of language training products.

About CLIC (Centre de Langues Internationales Charpentier):  CLIC was founded in 1978 by Ms. Lynn Charpentier. At the time, Ms. Charpentier’s aim was to surpass the results her students were getting in the public and private education systems, by offering a new approach to second language learning. With extensive teaching experience and four years of research and development, Ms. Charpentier fine-tuned a unique method based on an accurate preliminary assessment of each student’s second language strengths and weaknesses, regarding both oral comprehension and verbal expression.

This teaching method targets comprehension and spontaneous use of every component of a second language, enabling students to effectively maintain a discussion.

In 1984, a second CLIC language centre opened in Drummondville, followed in 1986 by the addition of the on-site corporate services throughout Quebec, supported by a network of language professionals. Thus was born “The masters of linguistic knowledge” banner.

In the following years, several CLIC centres opened under that banner, including the ones in Gatineau, Ottawa, Rimouski and in Trois-Rivières.

In 2007, Ms. Susan Ouellet, the franchisee for the Drummondville and Trois-Rivières regions, acquired CLIC Network, which is the CLIC banner’s head office and franchisor.

That brings us to 2017, when Mr. Joël Gallant, a young businessman from the Mauricie region, became the new owner of CLIC upon acquiring it from Ms. Ouellet. What followed was a complete image makeover and a renewed emphasis on the network of language professionals. In addition, to better serve our clientele, the company has drastically expanded its range of services.

About Edu-Performance: For over 29 years, Edu-Performance Canada has been a leader in the online training program sector. Among the products it is important to mention an online training platform called Tactic! LMS, as well as a talent management platform called Tactic! TMS. In addition, there is a catalogue with over 1,000 interactive and multimedia training modules in a variety of languages and a development team for on-site, and a personal training courses for companies in need of it. Edu-Performance counts over several million users today.


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